Should you include 'Draft' PRs in Cycle Time?

Teams using 'Drafts' often have similar use cases:

  1. 'Early Collaboration'

  2. 'Design Document'

Depending on which use case you have, you can either include or exclude 'Draft' PRs from your Cycle Time calculation.

Using 'Draft' PRs for 'Early Collaboration'

If you're using 'Drafts' to get early collaboration on work that will be released, then you likely want to include 'Draft' pull requests in your Cycle Time. In this case, Haystack works right out of the box with no changes required.

By default 'Draft' PRs are included in your Cycle Time calculation in the same way as any other pull request (first commit to merged) - with one caveat. 'Draft' PRs are only considered 'In Review' once they have been updated to 'Ready to Release' state (aka taken out of 'Draft' state).

If you're using 'Draft' PRs for 'Early Collaboration', then you should include them in your Cycle Time calculation.

Using 'Draft' PRs as 'Design Documents'

If you're using 'Drafts' as design documents (aka this work will not be released into production) then you likely don't want to include them in your Cycle Time calculation. If this is the case, you can 'Exclude Drafts' using the Settings > Filters page in your dashboard settings.

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