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How to invite other accounts to Haystack?

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Haystack allows inviting multiple accounts.


You can open the accounts page from this link or by clicking Settings -> Invite New User. Then click the "Invite New User" button on the top right corner.

Step 2: Fill in Account Details

Enter the users

  1. Name

  2. Email

  3. Access Level

  4. Role

& press invite. This will send an email to the invited user.

There are 2 types of Access Levels in Haystack:

  • Admin: Has edit access on the settings page

  • Member: Does not have edit access on the settings page

Note: If the invited user did not receive an email, you can always copy the invitation link and share it with the invited user.

If you've tried the above steps and still having issues, email us at [email protected] or simply message us using that chat icon in the bottom right.

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