Using the benchmarking process, organizations can determine the best standard of performance based on other companies' success.

According to Indeed, benchmarks are most useful for

  • Increase effectiveness and efficiency

  • Set clear business goals

  • Provide new opportunities for discovery

  • Motivate team

  • Better understand the competition

  • Improve the quality of product

You can check our analysis of 100s of non-opensource organizations benchmarks.




Cycle Time

2 days

4.5 days

7 days

Change Lead Time

4 days

8 days

13 days

Learn more about Mean vs P85




Change Failure Rate




Source: State of DevOps


Benchmarks are the simplest way to understand how your organization is doing, and how far it needs to go before it reaches the top. Understanding where your team sits compared to the industry, allows your team to determine what areas need improvements and implement an improvement plan. Having clear goals enables your team to continue to be competitive and beat the market. Analyze, plan and execute!

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