For JIRA integration, there are 3 high level steps

  1. Add Integration

  2. Get API Token

  3. Test & Save JIRA Integration

  4. Fetching data

Afterward, you’ll be able to see insights from JIRA directly on https://dash.usehaystack.io.

You can find detailed instructions on each step below.

1. Add Integration

Open integrations page and click JIRA button.

You'll get a popup where we require the following information

  • Email

  • API Token

  • Base URL

2. Get API Token

You can get the API Token via Atlassian - Manage Profile - Security - API Tokens page. Alternatively you can use this link.

Press Create API Token and add a descriptive label like "Haystack". Afterwards press Create button.

Note: The user generating the API Token should have access to the related project.

You'll get a new token generated. Make sure to copy paste this since you won't be able to see it again.

3. Test & Save JIRA Integration

Paste the generated API Token to the Add JIRA Integration modal in Haystack. Fill out the Email and Base URL.


  • The email should be the email of the account where the token was generated.

  • You can check this article on how to find Base URL

Once all the information is entered, press Test & Save button.

You'll be redirect to Manage Projects tab. Make sure to select the projects you care about and click Save.

Once you refresh the page, you should see a row with JIRA Integration. This means the integration was successful.

4. Fetching data

Once the integration is successful, email [email protected]. Our team will make sure all the data is successful fetched. This process can take up to 24 hours.

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