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For PagerDuty integration, there are 3 high level steps:

  1. Get API access key

  2. Add & test integration

  3. Fetching data

Afterward, you’ll be able to see insights from PagerDuty directly in North star metrics.

You can find detailed instructions on each step below.

1. Get API Access Key

To get the API access key, you need to go to your PagerDuty dashboard. Then hover over Integrations in the top navbar and click on API Access Keys

a. Create New API Key

b. Fill the description as “Used by Haystack”

c. Set it as Read-Only

d. Press Create Key

e. Store the API access key in a safe place (Note: it will not be visible again)

2. Add & Test Integration

Open integrations page and click PagerDuty card’s Add Integration button.

Now add the access key we have created in step 1 and press Test & Save.

In case of success, you will see PagerDuty integration appearing in the table like so

3. Fetching Data

Once the integration is successful it will 24 hours for Haystack to pull your data due to API limitations.

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