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Pull requests are not linked to Jira issues
Pull requests are not linked to Jira issues
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Haystack teams are based on version control systems like Github. To be able to filter Jira issues graphs, you'll need to ensure Jira issues are linked to pull request, where Haystack can tie everything else in the backend.

To understand if your pull requests are linked or not, check Unlinked Pull Requests graph.

If you have enormous amount of pull request that are not linked to Jira issues like below that likely means

  1. You haven't integrate your version control system into your Jira workspace.

  2. Your pull requests are not tied to Jira

Integrate Jira and Version Control Systems

Understand if Jira is linked with a Version Control System

To check if you already have version control system connection on your Jira account, open an issue that should be tied to a pull request and check the development section of an issue.

If the Development section is empty it means you need to integrate your version control system into JIRA workspace.

Connect Github to Jira

Connect Gitlab to Jira

Connect Bitbucket to Jira

Note: After connecting it takes some time to re-fetch all your issues with related pull requests. If you want to speed up this process you can contact [email protected].

Pull Requests are not tied to Jira

Jira uses smart values to link a pull request to an issue. At Haystack we recommend adding CI tooling to enforce to process for all repository.

Smart values can be used by branches, commits, pull request title and more. Haystack recommended way of using smart values is pull request title like "PRJ-123 Title".

For Github users you can use jira-pr-link-action actions to ensure all pull requests are tied to an issue and with no hidden work going into production.

If you find that Haystack is tagging pull requests that are tagged correctly, please make sure your JIRA project is selected by going to integrations page and clicking "Add account" under JIRA. Please note that newly added projects will only be synced over the weekend.

Note: For any further questions contact [email protected].


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