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How can I save a filter?
How can I save a filter?

How to save commonly used filters

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Do you use filters frequently in Haystack? If so, saving these filters will allow you to reuse them with just one click.

How to Save a Filter

Step 1: Select your filters

Choose the filters you want from the dropdown menu. You can filter by:

  • Date Range

  • Teams

  • Repositories

  • Members

  • Labels

  • Branches

Step 2: Save your filter

Click "SAVE FILTERS" on the right side of the filters.

Step 3: Name your filter

Give your filter a unique and memorable name. Then, click the 'SAVE FILTERS' button to save it.

Step 4: That's it!

Your filter is now saved, and your team can find it under the "Saved" option in the dropdown menu.

ℹ️ Note:

  • Saved filters are visible to everyone in the organization.

  • Personal filters are not currently supported by Haystack.

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