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Everything you need to know about our 'Daily Health Check' notifications

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What is a 'Daily Health Check'?

Haystack offers both daily and weekly notifications for alerting on risk factors and data trends using either email or Slack. You can learn more about Haystack notifications in our dedicated article introducing Haystack Notifications.

Daily Health Check notifications are the best way to keep a pulse on your daily sprint progress and engineering risks.

Notifications can be configured from the Haystack Dashboard, see our notifications set-up guide for more information.

Here's an example:

As you can see, our Daily Health Check Notifications contain 2 sections:

  1. Daily Snapshot

  2. Potential Risks

Our Daily Snapshot gives a nice picture into how your sprint is progressing. The bottom sections of the notification are tailored towards risks as they appear in your sprint.

In this case, we've pointed out a few pull requests that were merged without review.

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