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Below is the list of all risks provided by Haystack

Long change lead time

Shows pull requests have change lead time more than N days.

Long waiting for the review

Shows open pull requests in review process (review time) for more than N days.

Waiting for the merge

Shows pull requests that are approved N times and waiting for merge (idle completion time).

Concurrent work

A developer who has more than N pull request are counted as concurrent work.

Large pull request

Pull requests have more than N line changes.

Too many discussions

Pull requests have more than N comment cycles.

Comment cycle is defined as at least one comment made by a commenter and at least one comment made as a response to the same pull request counted as one comment cycle.

High review load

Members who have more than N review requests.

Merge without review

Pull requests which are merged without any comments, approvals or request for changes.

Idle pull request

Pull requests which have not had any commits or comments for the past 3 weeks

Pull requests without JIRA tag

Pull requests which are not linked to JIRA.

Haystack uses smart values to link a pull request to an issue like "PRJ-123 My pull request title"

Further readings:

Too many cooks

Pull requests that have more than N unique commiters in one pull request.

Weekend activity

Members with abnormal amount of activity (commit, comment, push, etc.). over the weekend.

Commits without pull request

Commits that are pushed directly to the default branch without any pull request.

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