Haystack offers both daily and weekly notifications for alerting on risk factors and data trends using either email or Slack. You can learn more about Haystack notifications in our dedicated article introducing Haystack Notifications.

Notifications can be configured from the Haystack Dashboard, see our notifications set-up guide for more information.

Here is a full list of those options and their definitions:

Daily Recap

Snapshot of daily activity. This gives you a sense of how much work is in-progress and completed throughout the sprint.

Merge Without Review

Pull Requests merged without review. This alerts you when a pull request has been merged without appropriate code review.

Approved, not merged

Approved pull requests awaiting merge. This alerts you when pull requests are reviewed, approved but not merged yet.

High Discussion Activity

Pull requests are stuck in a back-and-forth discussion. When a pull request has >10 comment cycles, it indicating developers are stuck in a discussion.

Comment cycle is defined as at least one comment made by a commenter and at least one comment made as a response to the same pull request counted as one comment cycle.

>1K Line Changes

Pull Requests opened with more than 1K line changes. This alerts you when a pull request has > 1K line changes - these typically take much longer to merge.

High Cycle Time Warning

Pull Requests with higher than 5 days of Cycle Time. This alerts you when pull requests are taking longer than expected - an opportunity to retro and unblock team members.

Commits Awaiting Review

Pull Requests with new commits awaiting further review. This helps keep active pull requests top of mind for reviewers.

Concurrent Work

Members that have more than 3 active pull requests in progress. This alerts you to when members are overworking - context switching decreases developer efficiency by nearly 50%.

Weekend Work

Abnormal amount of activity over the weekend. This alerts you to members working over the weekend - giving an opportunity to encourage healthier working habits.

Too Many Cooks

Number of pull requests that had 3 or more commiters.

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