What is a 'Weekly Recap'?

Weekly Recap notifications are the best way to quickly see how your sprint went compared to your average.

Here's an example:

As you can see, our Weekly Recap Notifications contain 2 sections:

  1. Weekly Snapshot
  2. Cycle Time Trends
  3. Throughput Trends

The Weekly Snapshot gives a nice picture into how your sprint went. The bottom sections of the notification are tailored towards trends and how your team is improving.

In this case, we see that this week our team merged 11 pull requests 62% faster average. Nice job team!

What else does it send?

Great question. You can actually toggle any of the alert types Haystack offers.

Here is a full list of those options and their definitions:

Weekly Recap

Snapshot of weekly activity. This gives you a sense of how much work was in-progress and completed during the sprint.

Cycle Time

Average cycle time across merged pull requests this week. This gives a sense to how quickly pull requests were completed this week. Teams should aim for decreasing Cycle Time.


Number of pull requests merged.. This gives a sense to how many pull requests were completed this week. Teams should aim for consistent throughput in their 'healthy area'

Next Steps: Setting Notifications

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