What are notifications?

Notifications are a great way to keep a pulse on how your team is doing.

Haystack notifications help keep a watchful eye on:

  1. Stuck Developers
  2. Potential Problems (burnout, high WIP, etc)
  3. Sprint Progress

What types of notifications do you support?

There are two types of notifications supported:

  1. Daily Health Check
  2. Weekly Recap

How do I receive notifications?

Haystack supports sending notifications via:

  1. Email
  2. Slack

Why do I need them?

From stale pull requests to unbalanced workloads, its tough to keep a pulse on the many things that can get stuck in our processes. Notifications are a way to highlight these events and spur additional conversations on your team.

You'll be surprised how many things slip through the cracks unnoticed. Notifications help you proactively support your team when they need you most.

Now that you know what alerts generally are and how to use them, let's dive a bit deeper.

Next Step: Daily Health Checks

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